Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not that interesting…

I’m Australian, female, I work in telecommunications (currently doing a traineeship at 31 years of age – better late than never right?) and I spend most of my free time planted in front of my computer. When I’m not lurking around Guild Wars 2 Guru as a volunteer moderator I’m usually playing an RPG (current series of choice is Mass Effect), building something in Minecraft and swearing mightily when a creeper blows it up, or poking around the internet randomly for interesting things.

Two cats (maybe three if you count my charr plushie) own my heart and soul completely. I enjoy reading fantasy novels, favourite authors are David Eddings, Terry Pratchett and Steven Erikson. I own a motorbike which I must start riding again when the weather stops being so schizophrenic. I’m left handed. Photography is something that interests me greatly, flowers and landscapes are my favourite subjects. Bees too, but the little buggers are tricky to shoot which makes them a very interesting and frustrating subject.

I’m obviously quite keen on Guild Wars 2 and can’t wait til it launches. Sylvari ranger here I come (:


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