Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Posted: September 30, 2011 in The Evidence at Hand

I’ve been merrily spruiking Guild Wars 2 to…well… anyone who will listen really for a few years now. Quite a number of my gaming friends are definitely going to check it out and the sole other gamer in my team at work is also rather interested.

Posting links on Facebook and Google + to articles on gaming websites, ArenaNet’s blog and the Guild Wars 2 website seems a little impersonal though. I’m certainly not a foaming-at-the-mouth fangirl for Guild Wars 2, but I am very positive about almost everything that has been revealed to date. My only real concerns are latency and the ranger pets. Latency because I’m Australian (the tyranny of distance!) and ranger pets because they are currently not very good. ArenaNet even admitted as much, which in and of itself is quite remarkable.

In order to provide a more personal touch to the various facets that make up the hecatohedron of awesome that is Guild Wars 2 I am going to start writing a series of posts that each focus on everything currently known about one particular feature.

The first post will be about the dye system. I’m happy to take requests / suggestions if there’s a particular feature anyone is curious about.

Hopefully when I’m done with the series (though will I ever be?) the gaming world will be a little more knowledgable about Guild Wars 2 and why it’s just what the MMO industry needs.

Now, to exhibit one!


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