Bushfire Moon

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Off Cuts

Not with a whimper but a bang did the Engineer profession arrive last Thursday. Today, after a curiously extended period of silence from ArenaNet, we have a Q&A for the most controversial profession released thus far.

Lead designer Eric Flannum has hopefully assuaged at least some of the fears generated by this mechanically inclined master of mayhem. I am probably more excited for this class now, as the answers given point towards a profession that will be anything but an “I Win” button on legs. With turrets. And grenades.

With the final, and most complex, profession yet to be revealed *coughMesmercough* I look forward to reviewing the full compliment of professions available in Guild Wars 2 and finding out how many extra character slots I may need to buy to play them all.

And finally for those wondering about the incongruous title of this post, a bushfire moon occurs when there is a large amount of smoke and particulates in the atmosphere from a bushfire and the moon appears vastly larger at the horizon than usual, and is often a rather disconcerting colour also. I feel it rather nicely describes the amount of panic and doom saying that has taken placed about the Engineer based on diddley-squat information.

Wait for the smoke to clear people, lest you step on a land mine.


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