Jade Coloured Glasses

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Off Cuts

ArenaNet’s most recent video offering and follow-up to the blog post on the same topic, their MMO Manifesto, is chock-full of actual gameplay footage (not CGI) and several very forthright and enthusiastic staff members.

If you have yet to see this video, enjoy. If, like me, you’ve already watched it more times then you care to admit, enjoy again.

Reactions to this manifesto have been many and varied – from outright enthusiasm to complete cynicism. I have personally been following the development of Guild Wars 2 for some time now and definitely lean more towards the enthusiast camp.

A recent fear has developed for me though. If Guild Wars 2 doesn’t deliver all that has been promised, MMO’s have pretty much been spoiled for me forever. Ok, maybe “forever” is a little melodramatic but at least for the foreseeable future. I’ve dabbled a little with a couple of free to play MMO’s to pass the time, but the moment I rock up to the first quest NPC (duly identified by something floating over their head) and get my very first quest to kill 10 vicious and dangerous dowhatsamadiddles that are in actual fact standing quite inoffensively a convenient distance away I die a little inside. Damn you ArenaNet!

My MMO-playing history is brief – Guild Wars (I’m calling it an MMO alright?) and Warhammer Online. I started playing Guild Wars a couple of years after its launch (around November 2007) and I played Warhammer from launch until my subscription ran out about a week ago. Even bought the Collectors Edition. At this point in time I don’t intend to re-sub – WAR has become very stale to me. I even got bored of dabbling with alts and that’s really saying something. The more information that has been released about Guild Wars 2, the more jaded I have become about the current state of the genre.

Rather then playing WAR for altogether too many hours in any given day, I have been reading a number of web comics, making Guild Wars 2 Guru my second home and reacquainting myself with Guild Wars. The specifics on what will actually result from Hall of Monument achievements once a Guild Wars 2 account is linked with a Guild Wars 1 account remains to be disclosed, but I have been having a great deal of fun rediscovering the game and all it contains.

If ArenaNet do deliver on even half of what they have promised, and I truly hope they deliver on all of it, Guild Wars 2 will be a force to be reckoned with. It might not be every one’s cup of tea but nor should it. Jack of all trades, master of none is not a title that should be associated with Guild Wars. ArenaNet have themselves a great niche with Guild Wars and while the eagerly awaited sequel will carve out a new niche in its own right, the general feel of the original still seems to be there.

Time will tell I suppose, I just hope that time is Soon™.


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